Welcome to Proly

Welcome to Proly

Published 5 months ago

This is an example of a sponsored post that is currently set to show to everyone. By default, new posts will be created as viewable by GitHub Sponsors only.

You can use the editor to add guides, tips about a certain repo, or even add private video screencasts via Vimeo or unlisted Youtube embeds.

You can even add pictures with captions 🙌 Select an Image

Sponsored content

Sharing exclusive content with your sponsors is a great way to enhance your community and keep them engaged with your open source repos. 

Currently GitHub only offers the ability to share updates to current sponsors via their email newsletter feature. While this is great, any content you have shared won't be seen to new sponsors. This is why Proly was created.


Over time, we hope to allow more discovery features, such as an explore area that let's you browse GitHub repos that use Proly.

We are also considering a Patreon style feed so sponsors can quickly view all the new posts that they are sponsored to on GitHub.

If anyone has any suggestions for future development of Proly, please come say hi in our Discord.

We also have a work in progress roadmap page on Notion.