How does Proly work?

Using Proly with your GitHub sponsors is a breeze. Let's go over how it all works.

1. You create the content

After joining Proly, you can start creating posts. Our editor lets you quickly add video embeds, images and the usual formatting tools to ensure content looks premium. Posts can be scheduled, pinned and set visible to non-sponsors too.

2. Share your profile with sponsors

Once you have created some posts and added them to collections, the next step is to start sharing your profile. You could group articles for different repos or non-sponsor content. Customize your profile with banner images.

3. Sponsors login via GitHub to gain access

At this stage, Proly checks to see if the users GitHub account is sponsoring you. If it is, then they get instant access to the rest of the article. If not, they are directed to your GitHub sponsor page and presented with optional teaser content.

Public posts

Want to share certain posts to non-sponsors? You can do that too - it's a great way to provide value of a sponsorship before they subscribe.

Simple for sponsors

Sponsors simply login via GitHub. We check if they are sponsoring you and display the rest of the article.


Keep your feed organized by grouping posts into collections to allow sponsors to easily find content for certain repos or sponsor exclusive posts.

Scheduled posts

Managing public repos can be time consuming. Scheduled posts lets you prepare content in bulk by letting you release posts around your schedule.

Teaser content

Add teaser content to each post for non-sponsors so they can have an idea of what the article contains.

Pinned posts

Want sponsors to see a post first? Pinned posts will ensure the particular posts load first in the feed or within collections.

Start your 14-day free trial

Try Proly out today. Plans start from $9/pm to let you share exclusive content with sponsors. Our Pro plan is $19/pm and gives you access to teams, non-sponsored posts and scheduling.